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About Ametrine Holistics

Ametrine Holistics' massage therapist, Tracee Cossey, is keen on all things holistic. She holds a degree in Complementary Therapies from the University of Bedfordshire which incorporated stone massage, facial massage, Swedish and body massage, reflexology and Indian head massage.

Tracee has a space from which to work at The Rooms, in Ringhill Street, Poundbury, Dorset - just literally across the road from where she lives. She can also work from her home premises and do mobile therapy.

On her degree, Tracee also studied Botany and Plant Chemistry, to fully comprehend an oil’s structures and properties. She is interested in gearing complementary therapy towards health problems and uses a variety of tools to assist her. These include many books for complementary health professionals, oil databases and an abundance of notes and research papers from her degree.

Of all the therapies offered, Tracee particularly enjoys reflexology. Alongside her studies, she completed the International Federation of Reflexology (IFR) certificate and the International Federation of Aromatherapy (IFA) certificate. This involved five in-depth case studies each with an examination. She has attended and massaged at the cancer charity's Moonwalk in Hyde Park and the Beauty Show at the Olympia Events Stadium in London.

Tracee is also a Manager of a PR company www.simplyprsolutions.com and a Partnership Manager for Peace Partners’ charity, a charity founded on peace education for disadvantaged communities.

On the wish list for the future are a Bach Flower Remedy course, Lymph drainage and a week-long course in Facial Reflexology…

Oval Ametrine gem on grey background with pink border
Ametrine gem on grey background with pink border
Square Ametrine gem on grey background with pink border
two hands holding a bunch of purple Ametrine stones

About Ametrine Stones

Ametrines are an unusually, naturally-fused blend of the Amethyst and Citrine stones. They are located only in one mine in Bolivia, but there they are commonplace. In a therapy environment, the stone may provide clarity and focus and relieve tension. It is believed to be a calming influence for the mind, allowing freedom of thought, away from negative intervention. If you are interested in my holistic therapies, give me a call today.